• Artist: Motoyuki Shitamichi

  • Taro Yasuno

  • Toshiaki Ishikura

  • Fuminori Nousaku

  • Curator: Hiroyuki Hattori
  • Event


February 1, 2019

The Japan Foundation, LIXIL, Case, the designer Tanaka, Hattori, and Ishikura gather in the afternoon and have a meeting on publication. In the end, the catalogue will be jointly published by LIXIL and Case, with LIXIL Publishing the Japanese version, and Case Publishing the English version. Hattori speaks at the Japan Foundation Asia Center’s symposium, “Representation and Participation: The Venice Biennale and the Southeast Asian Pavilions,” along with curators from Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia. He gives a presentation entitled “A Methodology of Co-Diveristy.”


January 21, 2019

Another visit is made to LIXIL Publishing. In the evening, a discussion on the returning exhibition is held at the office of the Ishibashi Foundation. In the night, Tanaka, Nousaku, and Hattori talk with Daijiro Ohara at an event related to the Daijiro Ohara & Yoshihisa Tanaka Joint Exhibition “Ohara’s Physicality, Tanaka’s Bionomics.” They discuss a lot of things about “Cosmo-Eggs.”


December 15, 2018

Shitamichi, Ishikura, and Hattori move from Kanazawa to Kyoto and take part in a symposium hosted by Kyoto Anthropological Society at the Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA. As it relates to the symposium’s theme of “Collaboration between Anthropology and Art,” they present a “Composition of Co-Diversity.”


December 14, 2018

Shitamichi, Ishikura, and Hattori give a special lecture entitled “The Cosmology of Co-Diversity” at Kanazawa College of Art.


November 12, 2018

All the artists gather in Akita to participate in the symposium “Perspectives on Co-Diversity” hosted by the Akita University of Art. This is a valuable opportunity, as it is the second time for all the artist to gather. A meeting is held on new candidates for the screen material and a test of video projection.

  • Photo: Nozomi Takahashi